Current Affiliations

University of Oxford / Research Staff

IUCN SSC Human Wildlife Conflict Task Force / Member

IUCN SSC Wolf, Bear, Hyaena, Canid and Deer Specialist Groups / Member

IUCN SSC/WCPA Protected Areas and Biodiversity Task Force / Member


Past Affiliations

International Association for Bear Research and Management / Board Member

Society for Conservation Biology / Europe Section Board Member

IUCN South Asia Brown Bear Expert Team of Bear Specialist Group  / Co-chair

CIHEAM, France & MAICh, Greece  /  Research Fellow  

Birdlife Turkey / Carnivore Research & Conservation Coordinator

Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund  / Caucasus Ecoregion Committee Member

National Committee for Animal Genetic Resources, Turkish Ministry of Agriculture / Member

IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group / Member

WWF Turkey / Wildlife Officer